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If you’ve tried to navigate the rough waters of the real estate industry on your own, you’re no doubt aware of just how difficult and time consuming that can be. When you purchase a property in Visalia, Exeter, Tulare, or the surrounding areas for the purposes of investment, your obligation doesn’t end as soon as the check clears. You have to get the property ready for tenants, for example. You also have to figure out how to attract those tenants to your property in particular over the thousands of other similar ones on the market.

At Mill Creek Management, we know exactly how to make that happen. We have a vast network of industry resources that we can put to work for you, making sure that potential tenants know exactly what makes your property the perfect fit for them. We’ll screen those tenants, maintain the property and even send you regular financial statements so that you don’t have to worry about a thing.

We are a “full service” management company. The basic service includes the following:

• Inspection of property and make recommendations as to improvements and fair market rent
• Completion of all Rental Agreements with Mill Creek Management as the Lessor
• Mitigation of all repair and/or complaint calls from tenants – this is done with the owner’s best interests in mind, but also within the framework of Tenant-Landlord Law in California
• Prompt follow-up on delinquent rents and take what ever action is necessary to collect said rents
• Cause to have proper service on all notices ( to include 3-day Pay or Quit and Termination of Tenancy Notices)
• Payment of all bills relative to the property to include mortgage payments
• Provide to owner a detailed Statement monthly that shows both income and expenses for past month and for year-to-date
• Make diligent effort to get all vacant properties ready for rent in a timely manner
• Use best efforts to make sure all properties are in a neat and clean condition at all times

In addition to the above listed management services, our Broker, Don Hutton, and Broker/Associate Jason Hutton, can offer assistance in both buying and selling of your real estate. They both have experience with successful completion of IRS 1031 Tax Deferred exchanges, as can Jeff Newton, Realtor.